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Anonymous asked: chachihelper

I’ve gotta be honest man, I don’t really dig your theme. But that’s just a personal thing. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just a bit simple for my tastes. However, you seem really helpful and sweet, which is always a massive plus! I love that you a have a masterlist of ‘How to Play:’ posts, those are super helpful. Overall I think this is a pretty sweet rph. Though, I’d recommend changing your url so that it includes both of the Admin FCs?

New theme, new mascot, good vibes. Send me URLs or requests or whatever, dudes.



How many characters have you seen floating around with the names; Ashley, Brittany or Brooke? Here are 180 names that I think are underused in the RP community.

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☯ recent ashley benson gif hunt ☯

#137, both small and medium, textless, hq gifs of Ashley Benson can be found under the cut. Full credit to original gif makers. Feel free to like and/or reblog if you found this helpful.


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south haven

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zoeyrph Character PSD #019: Framed

I just hit 4,000 followers and I thought I’d release the character PSD I’ve been working on as a little bit of a gift and thank you to everyone who follows me.

This PSD, like most of the ones I post, is extremely easy to use and customize. All you need is an image and a GIF, or two images if you’re lazy, and some really basic Photoshop skills (you should know how to clipping mask). The font used is Tall Dark and Handsome and the graphic is separated into a left and a right piece. There isn’t a specific size for the images of the faceclaims, since you just need to clipping mask your picture to the shape given. As always, everything you can customize or edit is highlighted in red.

Please like or reblog if you download. If you need help customizing, contact me here.

soundtrack of our lives

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eliza’s character graphic #013 — “Orange and Black”
xx download xx
  • Don’t copy.
  • Don’t steal either. Not cool man.
  • Font is Helvetica.
  • Like/Reblog if you like/download.

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