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occasionally i do helpful things, but most of the time i just write poetry, fail at life and drink tequila.
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i'm wanted, dead or alive
Anonymous asked: Hello, my dear! I'm here for some FC Help! Can you suggest me some ones who can play the "cute girl" role? The age range would be 17 - 22, nothing too strict. Preferably brunette, but I could use a blonde too! Thank you so much!
  • Adelaide Kane
  • Lucy Hale
  • Maia Mitchell
  • Shelley Hennig
  • Annasophia Robb
  • Camila Cabello 
  • Bailee Madison
  • Dove Cameron
  • Stefania Owen

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this is probably the best quote from anything ever

Srsly tho

life of electra heart

check this shit

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Here you find ### small/medium hq gifs of Laura Slade Wiggins.None of these gifs are mine, so the credit goes to the rightful owners. There maybe some reps, i’m sorry for that. Like/reblog if this helped you, hope you enjoy.


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I’m going to be making some png packs, so if anyone has any faces they’d like me to include, under or overused— flick me a message.

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Stalia shipper: STOP HATING ON STALIA!

Stalia shipper: *posts Stydia hate*


Anonymous asked: top 5 ships and top 5 tv shows?


  • Stiles x Lydia
  • Stiles x Derek
  • Spike x Buffy
  • Puck x Quinn
  • Veronica x Logan

TV Shows:

  • Teen Wolf
  • Twisted
  • Veronica Mars
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • The Fosters
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This photoset is the best thing the Teen Wolf fandom has ever produced

stilinskiirps asked: top 5 places in nz

ahah oh my

  • Mt Ruapehu
  • Bay of Plenty
  • Nelson
  • Mair Park, Whangarei
  • Wellington

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